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Tom and I are pleased to offer signed copies of Arctic Son and Arctic Daughter in trade paperback.
These new editions include photographs as well as my original drawings.
E-book versions are available from on-line stores.

Arctic Daughter: A Wilderness Journey

Arctic Daughter: A Wilderness Journey
Jeanie’s first book, updated.

I was twenty-two when I set out in an overloaded canoe with my childhood sweetheart, paddling down the Yukon River. We were headed for a year of living off the wilderness in Alaska’s remote Brooks Range. Arctic Daughter was a Reader’s Digest book selection; it has been called “an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and a lyrical odyssey.” Here is an adventure tale of survival and youthful courage, where the power of dreams is measured against unforgiving realities in the natural world. I am pleased to share my updated version with a new generation.

Price: $23 (includes shipping)

Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness

Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness
87-minute DVD Documentary

The long-awaited second documentary in our Kernwood trilogy, Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness, layers historic footage, photographs, and high definition video into the story of our wilderness lives. Beginning with my childhood in the Arctic, I am drawn repeatedly back to the solitude of Alaska’s Brooks Range where my dreams are tested against starvation and fifty below. Arctic Daughter is ultimately about following one’s heart beyond a beaten trail and finding beauty in life’s mysterious unfoldings.

Arctic Daughter was selected for screening at the Anchorage International Film Festival and the Alaskan Forum on the Environment. Edited by Brian George Smith and original music by Alaskan composer Lindianne Sarno.

Price: $23 (includes USA shipping)

Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream

Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream
Companion Book to our Documentary

“Jean Aspen helps us believe in the power of our dreams...her description of the fragile but magnificent beauty of the Arctic and the life she found there grabs your heart until you start wondering if maybe it’s time to leave it all behind and follow your own dreams.”

—Barbara Wieser, Rivers Running Free: Stories of Adventurous Women

Thank you for sharing our Journey.

Price: $24 (includes shipping)

Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream
2-hour DVD Documentary with Special Features Disc

In the spring of 1992 my husband, Tom, and I flew into Alaska’s remote Brooks Range with our 6-year-old son, Luke, and our friend Laurie. Alone for more than a year, we candidly filmed our lives as we built a cabin and learned to live in this vast and beautiful land. Two decades later, Tom and I produced this very personal documentary about living our dreams. It now shows on PBS stations throughout the country. We are honored to share our Journey with you and those you love.

This two-disc DVD set, for which Alaskan musician Lindianne Sarno composed Arctic Child Suite, includes 46 minutes of Special Features.

Price: $26 (includes shipping)

Child of Air a novel by Jean Aspen

Child of Air
A novel by Jean Aspen: trade paperback book, 162 pages

What would you give for the chance to start life over? Dr. Christopher Bradford is about to find out. Impulsively abandoning his safe, predictable world and setting out on a journey into the unknown, he finds himself exploring possibilities he never imagined. When he chances upon a piece of history, he is drawn into a story from long ago. In his search for a new identity he discovers that all roads ultimately lead home. Quantity is limited.

Price: $25 (includes shipping)

Trusting the River

Trusting the River
Jeanie’s Memoire, published in 2017

“This is Jean Aspen in her element and at her best. Coping with a devastating loss, she writes, ‘Sometimes I am powerful and rushing, at other times, deep and still or frozen beneath the snow. I am becoming the River.’ These words might well define her writing: powerful and rushing; deep and still.”

—Stephen Reynolds, author of Beyond the Killing Tree

Price: $29 (includes shipping, signed copies upon request)

Current Projects:

This summer Tom and I will complete the taking down of our cabins and replanting our footprint with sod from their roofs. We will be living outdoors for almost five months, recording for Rewilding Kernwood—the final documentary in our Kernwood Trilogy—and paddling downriver several hundred miles to the bridge one last time. Then we will begin editing this 60-90 minute film, juxtaposing the building of our wild dreams with their release. You can see our progress in new photos on this site.

Epicenter Press is republishing six books that my mother, Connie Helmericks, wrote on her years of roaming the Arctic. I am updating them with photos and prefaces. Down the Wild River North is available now. This is the story of a 3000-mile canoe journey that my sister and I took with our adventurous mother when we were young teenagers. Fight of the Arctic Tern and We Live in Alaska will follow this spring, and three more are scheduled for next winter. In 2017 Tom and Brian completed a 30-minute documentary, Desert Glass: A Love Story, about our years as glass artists.

We continues collaborating with the University of Alaska’s Polar Archives to preserve my parents’ films, photos and writings as well as our own for future generations. The UAF received a National Film Archive grant to digitalize three of my parents’ historic films, which can now be seen on their webpage.


Thank you for your continued enthusiasm in our work and your blessings
~ In Gratitude, Jeanie and Tom